SciServer is a modular system with independent components that are either built anew or adapted from previously existing “building blocks”. All components are optimized and/or re-engineered for interoperability and full integration into SciServer.

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Login Portal

SciServer offers single sign-on access to all components using Keystone authentication.


NEW: A tool to manage your files and datasets across SciServer


CasJobs is a versatile scientific workflow system, allowing users to run complex queries on large datasets and save and share results for future analysis.
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Compute optimizes Big Data science by allowing users to bring their analysis close to the data with Jupyter Notebooks deployed in server-side containers.
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Compute Jobs

SciServer Compute Jobs provides batch processing of Jupyter Notebooks, or plain scripts, that can be executed in the background.
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SciDrive is a Dropbox-like distributed storage service for science data that interfaces between databases and flat file systems.
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SkyServer provides browser-based public access to all Sloan Digital Sky Survey data for everyone from teachers to professional astronomers.
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SkyQuery allows users to cross-match data from multiple astronomical datasets so that discoveries can be made from multi-wavelength observations.