This page describes how to connect to SciServer Compute, create a container, and start up your first notebook.

  1. Login to SciServer:
    Navigate your browser to
    If you don’t remember your CasJobs username or password, you can create a new one.
    Because your compute environment today will be on the SciServer test system, you will not be able to access your production or pre-production Casjobs.
  2. Start up SciServer Compute:
    Navigate your browser to
  3. Create a Container:
    You will need to create a container, if you don’t already have one. Click on Create Container.
    Give your container a name.
    Choose the Python 2, 3 + R 3.2.3 as the base image, for the purposes of this workshop.
    Attach the Volume SDSS DAS.
  4. Open your Container:
    Click on its name. It contains two items: persistent, and SDSS_DAS. All your items should be kept in persistent, so click on persistent to open it.
  5. Upload the workshop Files:
    Download this zip file containing the workshop files, and extract them to your local drive.
    Drag and drop the Workshop files into persistent.
    Next to each file name click Upload.