SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.9

This minor release added the ability for select users to be able to create an unlimited number of containers.

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.6

Major updates to the SciServer Dashboard and Login Portals, primarily to make it easier to manage your files

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.5

An important update to the SciServer backend services to support Docker Files, which improves the efficiency of the entire system, and makes future support for user-contributed Docker images easier. Additional miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations.

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.3

This update includes a few changes to streamline the process of registering a new account and logging in to the SciServer system. It also adds some new features to the Dashboard user interface.

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.2

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.2 introduces an important new help feature. Although SciServer’s API libraries allow for extremely powerful and flexible programmatic access to SciServer tools, it can be difficult to learn the appropriate syntax. To make it easier to learn how to get the most out of SciServer, we have added Example Notebooks showing the correct … Continued