SciServer Betelgeuse 2020-03-24

We have made two major changes to the Files view in the SciServer Dashboard to make it easier to manage your files.

First, the list of files is now sortable by name, last modified date, and size. Click on the column headers to sort by each parameter. Click again to sort in opposite order.

Second, we have added a notifications feature. When you upload or move a file, a bell icon will show a notification. Click on the icon to expand a notifications panel.

Lastly, we have changed our strategy for numbering releases to a date-based system.

Change Log

  • Dashboard Files view: Files sortable by name, size, last modified, New: In the Files view of the SciServer Dashboard, you can now sort the list of files by name, last modified date, or size. Click on the column header (Name, Last Modified, Size) to sort. Click again to reverse sort order.
  • Dashboard: notifications for file management New: We have added a notifications icon to the SciServer Dashboard, represented by a bell next to your username. If you have active notifications, they will show here. Click on the bell to reveal the Notifications panel.
  • Switched to date-based versioning system Update: We are moving toward a continuous improvement model of software releases - therefore we are changing our release naming strategy from a major/minor numerical release system to a date-based system.