SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.15

New in this Release

This SciServer releases includes two major updates.

SciServer logins now link to external accounts

The first update allows users to link their SciServer accounts to their external accounts such as a University Organization, Gmail, or ORCiD.

The first time you log in to the new system, you will be asked whether you would like to link your SciServer login name to your account(s) in any of these external authentication methods. If you create a new SciServer account, you can link with your other accounts immediately. You can unlink accounts any time by going to the new My Profile menu in your SciServer Dashboard.

Data Volumes are now visible from the Dashboard

The second update introduces "Data Volumes" to the Files view. Data Volumes are datasets that data curators have made available to the entire SciServer community. They have always been available through the SciServer Compute interface, listed as checkboxes to mount to new compute containers.

Now that Data Volumes are visible from the Dashboard, you can see their contents as well as copy data from these shared datasets into your own Storage and/or Temporary space.

Change Log

  • SciServer system: connect SciServer logins with external authentication methods New: SciServer now supports joining SciServer logins with other authentication methods via the Globus framework. SciServer accounts can be directly linked with Globus accounts. Furthermore, through Globus, SciServer accounts can also be linked with Gmail accounts, ORCiDs, and accounts from many academic institutions.
  • Dashboard: Extend Files UI to display Data Volumes New: The Files view of the SciServer Dashboard now includes tabs for displaying the contents of both User Volumes (created by you) and Data Volumes (made publicly available on SciServer by data curators)
  • Dashboard: Show display name for data volumes New: In the Files view
  • Dashboard: Rename Profile to My Account Update:
  • Dashboard: Extend "My Account" modal window to cover account unlinking New: With the new ability to link to Globus accounts, the My Account window now offers the ability to unlink accounts
  • Show Data Volumes Panel in Groups Tab New:
  • Dashboard: fixed file upload path Bug Fix: File Upload path had extra "//" characters, now removed