SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.6

Major updates to the SciServer Dashboard and Login Portals, primarily to make it easier to manage your files

Change Log

  • Files: handling filenames Bug Fix: Bug fix to better handle special characters in file/folder names
  • Files: Downloads Bug Fix: Bug fix to slow/delayed file downloads
  • Files: copying files Update: Update to allow copying a file that already has the same name (postpends a counter)
  • Files: Uploads Update: Progress bar displayed on file upload
  • Files: Uploads Update: Drag and drop for multiple file upload
  • Sharing: sharing folders Update: Simple One-click removal of folder sharing
  • Login portal: password requirements Update: Made password requirements stronger (now 8 characters minimum)
  • Login portal: password requirements Update: Added display of password requirements on Registration/change password pages
  • Dashboard: profile Bug Fix: Bug fix when adding only affiliation to user profile
  • Login portal: login page Bug Fix: On Login page, focus starts on username field.