SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.1

This release publishes the latest versions of the SciScript libraries for both Python and R. It also adds two new Compute Images – one for the LSST Science Pipeline and one for the Recount genomics project – and updates the Matlab image used in the turbulence and oceanography science cases. New controls in the Dashboard … Continued

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.0

SciServer Betelgeuse v2.0.0 has many new features to benefit your research, including: A new dashboard to manage your files and compute environments A new Groups system where you can share files and databases with colleagues all over the world An asynchronous job system to allow you to run long-lasting, memory-intensive scripts on large datasets Release … Continued

SciServer Altair v1.10.4

This update includes bug fixes to SkyQuery, along with a few back-end changes to SkyQuery and CasJobs to improve performance.

SciServer Altair v1.10.3

We have updated the email address of SciServer helpdesk in all SciServer components. We have also fixed a bug in CasJobs related to saving numeric values into MyDBs.

SciServer Altair v1.10.2

New in this Release

SciServer now works with the latest data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Data Release 14 (

SciServer Altair v1.10.0

New in this Release

SciServer Altair v1.10.0 includes new and updated modules for SciServer Compute, providing you with new features for your Compute notebooks. The new SkyQuery module lets you programmatically access the SkyQuery astronomical cross-matching tool, with which you can match objects in multiple astronomical surveys using advanced Bayesian algorithms. Updates to the SkyServer modules enables you interact with SDSS data in new ways, such as searching by object ID or generating thumbnail images. Lastly, Compute Notebooks are easier to work with now that user authentication happens automatically.

We have updated our Terms of Use & Other Policies.

See the list below for a guide to what has changed, and also see SciServer API documentation for updated SciScript and CasJobs API documentation.

SciServer Altair v1.9.2

New in this Release

Altair v1.9.2 includes updates and fixes to various tools on the SkyServer data access site. The Plate Browser now includes more information about APOGEE plates. The Search tools can now filter results using target flags from both the BOSS and eBOSS surveys, and all Search tools now support input in sexagecimal (hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss) coordinates.